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  • caffinated beer!

    Has anyone tried MOONSHOT? its a caffinated beer made by the owners of "Edison" who WAS the partner of Jim Koch of Sam Adams.

    She cashed in and started her own company, MOONSHOT is the new beer they just introduced.

    I dont think its that bad, in fact this is an idea that fellow RB employees and myself had talked about a few years back while I was working for RB. We were half in the bag and just chattin away and the idea came up! ....well ya see boys and girls.... ZERO follow threw! Da##it! oh well..

    Just wondering if anyone has seen it and what you think about it?

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    I guess we've seen it all now, then. Caffeinated water, alcoholic energy drinks, etc, etc.


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      Jim Koch's partner's name is Rhonda Kallman, and she is co-founder of Edison's...the supposed best light regular counterpart....where did you see Moonshot? Theres nothing on the net about it.....and I havent seen anything in the periodicals, either...


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        I've tried it on more than one occasion. Its a great concept and the experience is even better. It gives a smooth awakening feeling as the day or night goes on. They have a website:


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          Seems to have done really well when first launched...guess its the recently its petered off around my area.

          When I was w/RB ...we all (RB peeps)were out one night and in a RB/alcohol stuper we came up with this "caffinated beer" idea...damn shame we never acted on it!

          Dont drink more beer... drink better beer.


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            OK....let's talk Moonshot, along with the other brands that they carry.....first things first.....both Edisons and Moonshot are only made availble in Boston and Atlanta, and of course the wonderful Trader Jacks stores. Its no secret that the genious Rhonda has way overplayed her hand, thinking that lightning can indeed strike twice, which also includes the Sam Adams line. Neither brand is a force on either city and they are ready to puke. Good lcuk, Rhonda.....


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              isnt it Trader Joes? or is there another chain?


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                My apologies....yes, it is indeed Trader Joes......