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    Last night, I came home, and the wife surprised me with the fact that she wanted me to make dinner. But, there is a caveat here, she already knew what she wanted and had everything ready to go. She wanted me to fry up some fish and chips, as well as some shrimp. (We rarely fry anything, and she is less inclined to fry than I, so this was a request that HAD to be granted.) She had made the cole slaw earlier in the day. So...with thin sliced potatoes that I deep fried into standard chips taken care of, there remained the fish and shrimp to fry.

    I opted to make a beer batter (what else?). I used a fairly basic mix (flour, corn starch, seasonings), and used a Stone IPA for my liquid. There was no real reason for my choice, just curiosity. However, the outcome insured that I will be using Stone IPA again as a beer batter. The flavor was amazing, and the batter fried up to a very light, airy, crispness.