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2007 predictions?

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  • 2007 predictions?

    Mello Yello will decrease in sales due to vault.
    Vault Red Blitz will be introduced and sell fairly well.
    Coke Zero will be promoted a lot more.
    Mdx will be released in cans.
    S.M. Cranberry Splash will come back around summertime and stay.
    Mountain Dew will release new line extension and it will be a hit.
    Mdx will have a line extension.? Mdx Agent Blue ?
    Fanta Citrus goes wide.
    Coke will release new coke machines.
    Coke introduces new citrus product, not competing with any other drink on market, milder than vault and smooth.
    Pepsi releases Pepsi Chocolate.

    things i wish would happen:
    Pepsi Vanilla returns
    Josta comes back
    SoBe Mr.Green returns
    Surge would come back and stay with vault and get rid of mello yello.


    please reply with your 2007 predictions

    in 2008
    i predict
    the complete discontinuation of MDX.

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    My predictions for 2007 in Mexico:

    Coca-Cola will release even more healthy or diet drinks...
    Pepsi will release more limited edition sodas...



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      The gross national sales of the soda pop will decline by 0.45 percent. Weekly retail store "hot" sales of soda pop will reach an all time frenzy.
      Don't worry, be happy. Meher Baba


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        Prediction: These dozens of cases of sugar-sweetened soda I have will be long gone by June [img]tongue.gif[/img]


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          That's not a prediction....that's a given. LOL
          Don't worry, be happy. Meher Baba


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            I know that Cherry Coke will get a face lift, along with a new name for the Diet Cherry Coke....and a few new "diet" drinks from Coke.
            Also, the GREAT Enviga will be out!


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              I would say my predictions are
              Coca Cola with Lime will be gone by April-Diet
              Coke with Lime will soldier on.
              Black Cherry Vanilla Coke will start to dissappear.



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                There will be 486 new energy drinks brought out into the market somewhere in the US. 483 of these will be dead within 2 months.

                There will be 469 new member to the bevboard posting for help in selling their garage full of "the next great" energy drink.

                There will be at least one new thread asking for support in a class action lawsuit against "fill in the blank" because the product or service didn't live up to the hype presented at the investment seminar.

                There will be at least one new obnoxious member touted "the next great" energy drink. Everyone will argue with him on his validity of information. Then one day he will be gone.

                Other than that I will say that each of the big three will have several new products hit the shelves. One or two of the total amount will do well enough to stick around for the rest of the year, only to be killed before summer the next year.

                There will be major prince increases on ALL products due to PET and aluminum skyrocket pricing increases. Sales Volume will drop dramatically. Coke and Pepsi will panic and fire hundreds of corporate yesmen at a savings of 60,000,000 for each company.

                Pepsi rather than saving the money they "saved" will launch a promotion to be " a corporate XXX (couldn't think of a position of the top of my head since they change names so ofton) for a year". They will spend 58,000,000 on marketing and the remaining to pay the 4 new employees for a year. Who will in turn have a clerical error than costs Pepsi 100,000,000 dollars.

                Coke on the other hand will uses their 60,000,000 on making a soda that will compete against mountain dew. It will be called "launch" it will have a massive following for the 5 months that it is available in the market. Coke execs will not see an immediate massive decline in dews numbers and will kill off "launch".

                then we will start all over as we will then we have several hundred new members for 2008 who have "the next great" energy drink.....
                If what you did yesterday still looks big, you haven't done much today.


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                  pepsi will intro more energy drinks, and lipton teas, more starbucks products - push plastic - make more money - cans are dead
                  Vault Sucks, Do The Dew


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                    Slurm will return in '07


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                      Saint I bet 80% of your predictions shall come to pass.
                      Don't worry, be happy. Meher Baba


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                        why would they bring out ?launch? if they got vault...... vault wont die that fast.


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                          why would they bring out vault, they have mello yello.
                          If what you did yesterday still looks big, you haven't done much today.


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                            More tea.
                            More water.
                            More energy.
                            More healthy for you.
                            Flat CSD volume
                            Less cans.

                            Vault will either stay where it is or grow significantly.

                            Brand Pepsi and Diet Pepsi will re-write the book on packaging and advertising.

                            Mountain Dew will kill everything in site.


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                              Well I'm looking at Pepsi's new item calendar for all of 2007...

                              And I happen to have a copy of Coke's new item calendar through April 2007...

                              Pepsi is going to have several new CSD's this year (only 1 of of which has been mentioned on the boards). Coke Cherry Zero is confirmed.

                              Of course there will be new energy drinks, teas, waters, the usual. I wish I could say more but I would probably get I'll have to wait a bit longer. Some very cool stuff is coming!

                              [ 11-30-2006, 01:48 PM: Message edited by: CStoreCatMan ]