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2007 predictions?

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    are you kidding me? why not? who cares if you tell seriosuly, pepsi isnt tracking you! lol. please come on, you can e-mail it to me!


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      No, he isn't kidding you. It is called "divulging company secrets". PBG really takes that sort of thing seriously. I know for certain there are a few of the suits that frequent the board just from my business unit, they do not post but I have been in the office and seen the forum up on the screen and them discussing how to find out who someone is.

      As far as new products go I know what he is talking about, but again, I would rather keep a roof over my familys head and food in my familys mouths than to tell you. Not being a hard ass, just being realistic, anyone (well mostly anyone) else would do the same.
      If what you did yesterday still looks big, you haven't done much today.


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        I'm just a lover of the soda pop industry. I know in time my patience will be rewarded. I respect our industry board mates who might be privileged to some inside info. I'll take what ever tid bit they can feed me and then I'll let it go.

        If I could wait for the Vault roll out then I can wait for anything. LOLOLOLOLOLOL
        Don't worry, be happy. Meher Baba


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          One good prediction...

          Coca-Cola Zero will be released in Mexico next year... I hope this prediction would make come true...

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