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  • hfcs in Coke

    I've just noticed something that I thought was quite interesting.

    Obviously in the States you have Coke with HFCS, Canada lists Sugar/Glucose-Fructose.

    Here in England we have sugar in our Coke, as does every other country in the World that I have checked within my Coke can collection.

    Apart from Egypt. My manager just returned from there and brought me back a can. Ingredients list Fructose Syrup or Sugar.

    I really do hope the rest of the World's Coke bottling plants don't change to HFCS!

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    da987, I want to ask you something...

    In England is still Fanta with the old graphics? or now has the new graphics like in U.S. and Mexico?

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      Do canada does not use hfcs???
      Drink soda in Glass Bottles,the way the little guy lays the smackdown on big 2\'s plasta-paradise.