Our patience for the childish behavior and trolls on this board is running out. This is not a forum for harassing, mocking or belittling other members of the forum.

We are instituting a new zero-tolerance policy. You break the rules, you get banned.

Rule #1 -- Don't try and enforce the rules of the board on your own. This is the most important rule. If someone else is harassing others or spamming the board, do not take it upon yourself to post to the thread and argue with the other poster. Use the "REPORT POST" link so that a moderator can review it.

Rule #2 -- Do not harass other members. Personal attacks, insults, etc etc are not allowed. This makes you look stupid/childish and you will get banned.

Rule #3 -- No commercial posts. This rule will be enforced at the discretion of our moderators only. If you see something that you feel breaks this rule, use the REPORT POST link. DO NOT CALL THE PERSON A SPAMMER OR ATTACK THEM. This will get you banned.

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