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Ale-8-1 and Diet Ale-8-1(Kentucky Native)

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  • Ale-8-1 and Diet Ale-8-1(Kentucky Native)

    I was reading up on the interest in my favorite soft drink, so I thought I'd pop on and offer details and such I know.

    Ale-8-1, like you've said, is absolutly _huge_ in eastern Kentucky. You either love it or you hate it, but if you hate it, chances are you only tried it once. It's lovingly given nickname around here for this phenomenon is "Kentucky Swamp Water"

    It's a weak ginger ale, nothing at all like Vernors (which, is my second favorite ginger ale). By comparison to other soft drinks, first time tasters think it tastes weak or watery. As you give it a chance, you find out that's what is so good. It doesn't overpower you with a strong flavor, it lets each little subtlety speak for itself. When you finish a bottle, it's rare to not crave another one almost immediatly. It's very refreshing, and served ice cold, that first taste is like heaven. Something I noticed from my own habit to do so is that people will open an ale-8-1, take a swig, swallow, start to lower the bottle, then bring it up for a half the bottle finishing chug. Between the flavor and the fact that it just feels clean going down, people tend to finish a bottle of Ale-8 very quickly.

    I could never properly explain the taste. It sounds like it should be a horrible drink if it's not very strong, especially a ginger ale, but the exact opposite is true. You just have to try it - and try it three times before you decide you hate it. My roomate lothed it, had his second one when we were out of everything else, and by the next day was buying a case of it.

    I can buy a six pack of Ale-8 inevitably it's gone by the end of the day. Normally people buy it in bulk. I've traded quips with other addicts, as we transfer six packs from the shelf to our cart, such as "I swear they're bottling liquid crack..."

    I purchase it by the case in the 12 oz bottles from a local store. Twenty four bottles of Ale-8 are about nine dollars and some change, which places it a bit over mainstream products (especially as they are usually on sale), but it is well worth it.

    I live in Richmond, Kentucky, which is about 15 miles south of Lexington, and about 30 minutes from Winchester, where the drink is bottled. It's been stated accuratly that Ale-8 makes deals with other distributors all over the state. Oddly, they have one with Coke for Northern Kentucky/Cincinatti, and one with Pepsi in my hometown of Corbin KY, for the south region of the state.

    You can get Ale-8 in a 12 oz glass bottle (by far and away the prefered choice), a 12 oz bottle that includes a deposit you get back if you return the empties (one of the few soft drinks that still do this), 20 oz plastic bottles much like the old style pepsi and coke bottles, or 12 oz cans. There may be other ways of bottling it I'm unaware of it, but those are the main ways the beverage is sold.

    It may be of interest to fans of the drink that Diet Ale-8 was recently launched. it's packaged with a more modern logo, white label, but still the familiar green bottle. I can't stand the aftertaste of diet drinks, but if someone would like to hear an opinion on it, I'd be happy to take one for a test drive for you [img]smile.gif[/img]

    If anyone has any questions, such as cheap places in the area to buy, flavor, etc, just shoot. If I don't know it (for instnace, the exact distrubution areas), I'd be happy to try and find out for you.