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The Coca-Cola Nazi Advert Challenge (humor)

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  • The Coca-Cola Nazi Advert Challenge (humor)
    woot woot

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    eh, so it's not that funny. still, it's interesting.

    i don't know about the part regarding fanta and whether that is true or not...
    woot woot


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      What crap.

      The reality is that KO was then, and still is, a non-political company. It sold its product where people wanted to buy it. Germany was a place that people wanted to buy it. A country with which the USA had diplomatic relations, and where 1000s of USA companies did business.

      And, wow, it advertized its products in the local language.

      When the war started, the German government cut off USA-owned companies from HQ, and the companies continued as best they could in whatever field they wanted. Keith continued to make Coca-Cola until he ran out of syrup and sugar and then bottled a product called Fanta, which was a mixture of crude artificial sweetners and flavorings (Germany, cut off from world trade, had, of course, a major sugar shortage).

      At the end of the war the whole system was in ruins, along with the rest of the country. However Keith, who was an honest man, had converted his profits into gold and Swiss money and turned his %ages over to KO HQ when the USA army showed up and normal business relationships resumed.

      When KO launched it fruit flavored soda in the 1960s, it used the Fanta name, which Keith had trademarked in 1943. The modern fruit soda called Fanta and the WWII artificially sweetened cola (which most historians report was truly vile) have nothing in common.

      And of course, everybody involved in the whole era is long dead.

      Without going political, this is the 20/20 hindsight arrogance of the uninformed. Holding previous generations to moral standards based on a history that only we know. Yet, I am sure the sponsors of this exhibit would oppose today's military actions or even the boycotts of countries that exist TODAY that have immoral political systems.


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        agreed. why should they hold AIG responsible for stuff they did 300 years ago
        woot woot