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  • Sierra Mist Challenge?

    I just heard an ad on the radio about the "Sierra Mist Challenge Team". And yes, it's exactly what you were probably thinking - they're going out and performing blind taste-tests that pit Sierra Mist against other lemon-lime sodas (presumably Sprite and 7 Up).

    If you ask me, Pepsi is wasting their time with this. I don't think that the results are going to come out in Sierra Mist's favor, and if anything this could prove to be a blow to the brand.

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    What about Sundrop?

    That's my favourite citrus soda.
    Previous name - Fufu Leth.


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      OMG, what a hoot.

      I bet that the product manger and his team have been smoking their lunch or drinking lots of Mad Dog 20/20. What are those clowns thinking, give this test and then pass out a $1 coupon to boost sales? LOL

      Hay,Pepsi,why not just make/improve your product. Sierra Mist is right up there in Diet Mount Dew.
      I say fix those two and your flock of soda drinkers will appreciated it.

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      Don't worry, be happy. Meher Baba


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        I made the Pepsi Challenge twice, and I choose Coke on both...

        In Mexico Pepsi didn't launched the Pepsi Challenge again, the last one was in 1994, and Pepsi showed in their ads the bottle of Coke and the bottle of Pepsi, and obviously Pepsi assumed the triumph saying that exactly the 51.1% of people took the challenge and chose Pepsi. But here in Mexico, differently from U.S., is prohibited to make the comparison between brands in an ad showing the competitor's brand (Coca-Cola in this case), Coca-Cola took advantage of this and sued Pepsi, Coca-Cola won and Pepsi had to pay the equivalent of six minimum wages in Mexico.

        And that's why the Pepsi Challenge never happened again here in Mexico...

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          Yo TaB, Sun Drop is a caffinated yellow citrus soda, and I doubt one would be able to put it in a clear syrup challenge.(random side note, I noticed on my Sun Drop can that one can has 200 calories in it, as opposed to most which are 120, or even 100. It has significantly more sugar in it.)

          They better not let me and Zabe do this challenge, because we'd play dumb and pretend not to be able to tell until we drank all their soda.



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            I know that.

            But it beats the pants off the rest of them citrus sodas.
            Previous name - Fufu Leth.


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              sierra mist free is actually a really good diet lemon lime..


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                Yeah Tab, you're definitely right on that one.



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                  7 up is the Grand Daddy of all "lemon lime soft drink" (Lemon Lime is a joke, it neither taste like lemon or lime.)
                  Sprite is a second, but not as good as 7up. Sierra Mist is alright. Not bad, but nothing like 7up. I argee they are wasting their time.

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                    I'm a big Survivor fan, and a few seasons ago, Sierra Mist was one of the companies with which Survivor "conveniently" partnered.

                    So as a reward for one of the physical challenges one week, they got a basket full of Sierra Mist 20oz's. Of course, they were ecstatic, because it wasn't cononuts or corn meal.

                    I bet it tasted pretty good right then... but otherwise? Not so much.


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                      Just speaking for myself. If I were on Survivor,lets say week 5, and they gave us a bunch of Sierra Mist as a reward;I would rather drink swamp water.

                      I tried with an open mind. Cans,2ltr,20oz,16.9oz and fountain,I tried them all. Ice cold with food and not with food, Sierra Mist just does not live up to Slice Lemon Lime,Sprite or 7up.

                      Sprite and 7up are IMO my two trusted Lemon Lime facsimile soda pops.

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                      Don't worry, be happy. Meher Baba


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                        What's kind of funny is that this is the "Sierra Mist" challenge.

                        But, I have a feeling that if people take a blindfolded taste test of the lemon lime sodas, Sierra Mist won't win...

                        That's really funny. It's like if Coke always won on the PEPSI Challenge.

                        Sierra Mist is unwittingly funding its own reality check(that their soda isn't very good) and possibly their demise!



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                          Sierra Mist is one of my favorite lemon-limes - way better then sprite.


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                            I agree with the sentiment on Sierra Missed. See the sig.
                            <b>Hey Pepsi, Shasta called, they want their lemon-lime back.</b>


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                              I did not do the challenge but my Mom and Sister did , my Mom said she pointed to the one on the left and then the guy took the one on his left and said see it's sierra mist even though my Mom was talking about the other on