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    That thread with Sodafinder's Discontinued Soda got me thinking... How many of you have spotted discontinued soda at your local supermarket that nobody is purchasing?

    I'll start with my sightings...

    Mountain Dew Pitch Black - 12 Pack Cans
    Vanilla Coke - 12 Pack Cans / 2Litre
    Crush Sour Apple - 2Litre
    Sprite Berry Clear Remix - 12 Pack Cans
    Sprite Aruba Jam Remix - 12 Pack Cans

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    Being in the US I never got to try Crush Sour Apple, how was it? You should buy up the stock and resell it on ebay.
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      I picked up some Sour Apple Crush last summer in the 16-20 ounce bottles (I forget the exact size). I loved it. But, they went flat before the freshness date (Oct.)!


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        Six Mountain Dew Pitch Black II 20oz bottles with 11/05 expiration date in Pepsi cooler Cuba, NY 6-1-06. I bought one.
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          Originally posted by BATBL18:
          Being in the US I never got to try Crush Sour Apple, how was it? You should buy up the stock and resell it on ebay.
          It's not bad tasting but I've tasted better Apple Sodas... Life Brand "Lady Apple Soda" (Shoppers Drug Mart) for one, has a clean crisp taste. Crush Sour Apple seems more like a kids drink.

          As far as me buying the remaining few I saw at a chinese market, i'll pass, as Galaga said the carbonation doesn't last long for the 2L, If Crush had 12 pack Sour Apple, it would be a different story though.


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            I have rambled about this before.....Where can I find an all apple juice drink that is carbonated. I am craving a seltzerized (made up word LOL) apple juice. I would pay good money for a 750ml bottle.

            I recall drinking some at a wine tasting tour when I was a kid. The old farts had their wine and I was buzzing off the carbonated apple juice and grape juice. LOL

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            Don't worry, be happy. Meher Baba


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              I just noticed some Pepsi Vanilla at CVS so I picked up a bottle.


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                Mr Zabe, in England we have a drink made under licence by Coca-Cola called Appletiser. You can check out their website at

                I think this is what you are looking for, it is 100% pure carbonated apple juice with no added sugar or preservatives.

                If you can't get this in the states i could trade you for some US Coke products.

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                  Appletiser is just the very beverage I have been craving. Gosh the website looked so good. I had taste flashbacks from when I was a kid. LOL

                  I will think about your offer. I will also see if there is a distributor in the US.

                  Thank you so much,your a good Bloke. [img]smile.gif[/img]
                  Don't worry, be happy. Meher Baba


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                    Wal-Mart is testing a Manzana soda in their stores in the southwest.


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                      The best apple soda I ever tasted was "C'Plus Apple" which was discontinued decades ago, their Pear soda was not bad either. Both tasting like real carbonated fruit juice.

                      I hope the Dole Sparklers sell really well, so Pepsi can make new Flavors like; Apple, Strawberry/Banana, Pineapple etc


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                        I imagine the taste of Crush sour apple like the taste of Manzana Lift green apple... it's really sour...


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                          man ive never tried any apple sodas...sounds interesting now...
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                            Zabe, have you tried 7-11's Frawg? It's a pretty honest apple flavor, IMO.


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                              You know,come to think of it, I may of not tried it. Brain freeze....I did try it. I did not like it.LOL It's funny, I have a very specific memory of how this apple soda pop tasted.

                              Oh well this soda pop freak will keep searching for his dream drink. [img]smile.gif[/img]
                              Don't worry, be happy. Meher Baba