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Pepsi should make Pepsi X/ Diet Pepsi X for USA

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  • Pepsi should make Pepsi X/ Diet Pepsi X for USA

    I really think this would sell huge..

    a Pepsi energy drink in regular cans/20oz/etc at regular soda prices.. just bump up the caffeine levels to about Pepsi One levels or maybe a little more, give it to pepsi X flavoring they have in europe, maybe some b-vitamins, and drop it ont he shelves..

    i think it would sell huge.. i'd be all over 24 packs of sugar free pepsi x like a mad man.

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    didn't you mention Pepsi X months ago?

    To me it would sound like Pepsi with more caffeine, but thats the same with the Pepsi Edge name.

    I think cinnamon Pepsi would be good because it is not very common.


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      cinammon pepsi does sound quite amazing...

      Pepsi X was supposed to taste like a mix of red bull and pepsi, with high caffeine content as well as maybe some b vitamins like red bull has? vitamin c? who knows.. sounded like a great idea.. i am heavy on the caffeine/energy drinks, if i could get a cola and an energy drink in one, at cola prices, it would be amazing.

      pepsi one is serving as my main drink these days, as its great tasting, no carbs, and has a caffeine content similar to mountain dew.. they should have jsut called pepsi one , pepsi MAX like they do in UK, it would have done much better.


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        There are no vitamins in Pepsi X, I have a bottle next to me right now (they sell them here in Sweden), and what's different with it is that it has more caffeine than regular Pepsi (I think I read somewhere before that it has about the same amount of caffeine as Jolt Cola), and it has both guarana and taurine in it as well. But no vitamins. It tastes very good though, not anything like energy drinks, it's got a pretty strong cola flavor actually.
        Do the Dew!