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  • Fanta

    Who produces Fanta Apple?

    I hae only seen it a few times. Just wondering, Thanks!!

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    I don't know but about Fanta Apple, I finally got to try it a few weeks ago and I really did not like it at all. It was disappointing because I had been wanting to try it for so long. I liked the taste but the after taste was terrible.


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      CCE College Park Georgia (CP). AFAIK, that's it.


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        Other than Fanta Zero, I am disappointed that Coke hasn't come out with any new Fanta flavors in a while. The brand as a whole is growing every year, you'd think they'd be more willing to come out with some additional flavors, even regional ones.

        I'd love to see Fanta Birch Beer and Fanta Cherry in cans. They are fountain-only drinks, currently.

        We also carry Fanta Ginger Ale BIBs, but again, no bottle/can. But I suspect Coke doesn't want to be out there pushing two ginger ales.. and it could be a problem in areas where the bottler carries non-Coke ales like Canada Dry or Schweppes.


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          I would like to see Coca Cola tweak it's Fanta line up with improved flavors. I know Fanta is somewhat of a "value" brand;IMO it is average at best in it's taste and flavorings.
          Don't worry, be happy. Meher Baba


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            Actually, they moved away from the value brand image when the Minute Maid line of sodas was dropped.


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              Well, some regions only have one flavor, like mine. We don't really have grape, I've only seen a few fridge packs at this one store, and two liter grapes at a pizza place. I think it is all gone now!

              Fanta Zero is pretty much gone, and it was just introduced recently.

              Hell, Pepsi's Tropicana Twister Soda's aren't much better. We just have orange also, much like Coke and Fanta. We never got grape (I think) and Citrus was only here a month. Tons and tons of it where donated, or sold to dollar stores where it still remains.