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Coca-Cola Mexico News... some energy drinks and I have a question...

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  • Coca-Cola Mexico News... some energy drinks and I have a question...

    2006 is ending, and Coca-Cola Mexico closes the year with great releases, here they are:

    Powerade Light Low-Calorie Sports Drink, I could say it's the mexican equivalent of Powerade Option, is sweetened with sucralose and it's available in three flavors: Lime, Cherry and Strawberry...I tried the last two, and they're great!, the strawberry one tastes like Strawberry Yoghurt and the cherry one tastes like Tootsie Pop Cherry Lollipop... here's a pic

    Nestea Orange Freeze It's a limited edition for 2006 holidays and it's available in a 473 ml can, I tried it and it's really good, better than the mandarin one, it should become a permanent flavor!...

    Coca-Cola 8 oz. Can Now available in my area!!!

    Coca-Cola Mexico enters to the energy drinks market with two new products...

    Burn the well-known energy drink in Europe and some other countries like Brazil, it's now available in Mexico in a 310 ml can and with a new design, similar to the current one in the rest of the world but more modern...

    and this last one is well-known by you guys...

    Tab Energy Now available in Mexico, the design of the can is exactly the same as the design of the american one, comes in a 310 ml can, and also the same ingredients...

    And now goes the question... how does Tab Energy and Burn taste?, do those energy drinks taste good?, it worths to spend 20 pesos (2 bucks) for a can of Burn or Tab Energy?...


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    The Nestea Orange freeze sounds good to me.

    I tried the Tab Energy drink, I bought it @ a dollar store for three for a Dollar.
    I could not stand to even take another sip, and threw away the other two cans.
    I can not even begin to describe the taste.
    I can not figure out why it even had the name Tab in it.


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      Thanks! [img]smile.gif[/img]


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        Does anybody here have tried Burn before? I need to see some opinions after trying it...