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    Leading Edge brands owns Frostie Root Beer, though I'm not sure who produces for them. I can't find a production code on the bottles I have here.


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      Ahh, I just thought of another one.

      The Northern Neck Coca-Cola Bottling Company in Montross, Virginia produces Carver's Ginger Ale in 12oz glass bottles.

      The website, is owned by the Coca-Cola company, but they sell Carver's on there (along with Northern Neck Ginger Ale in bottles/cans). I don't think that any other facilities bottle Carver's. You can find Carver's mostly around the Northern Neck area, though I remember Central Coca-Cola carrying it for a very short time. Good stuff.


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        Besides the bottle, what is the difference between the Northern Neck Ginger Ale and Carver's Ginger Ale?


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          I don't know how important this is to your work on, but may be helpful to others reading this. I ran out of RC's after stupidly only buying one case when I went to West Jefferson. I did a search, and just before you got the site up, discovered that sundropbottling in Pulaski, Tn sold RC in longnecks and advertised them as being sweetened with cane sugar. I went ahead and ordered a case from them and just like I suspected, they were bottled by WJ Dr Pepper. I can't guarantee the other varieties of longnecks they sell are from WJ, but if I'd almost be willing to bet they are.

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            Northern Neck is hfcs, Carver's is cane sugar.

            I also remember NN being spicier, and Carver's being a more smoother tasting ale. I don't have any NN left here to compare the two, unfortunately.

            I think most of the indies buy their DPSU longnecks from West Jefferson, or from All-American. WJ uses metal crowns, while AA uses plastic twist-off caps.


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              Brent found another glass bottler

              I am a small grocery wholesaler and private label dairy owner in Western Pennsylvania. I specialize in glass bottle soda. I thought you might like to know about another glass bottler that I have some information on that I found in my electronic bookmarks. I have not contacted these folks but as much as i can find they are still bottling. The company name is Twin Light Beverages of Rockport Massachusetts. Here is an article about them : After century, Twin Light still fizzing; Rockport bottler's tonic still a sought-after treat -, Salem, MA

              Thank you for time and I hope we can find more bottlers. I will keep looking too.