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    In Mexico, the grapefruit sodas: Fresca, Squirt and Kas, are usually used for mixes with spirits, specially with Tequila...


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      I wish they had other Fanta flavors around here. All I can get is Orange
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        If you're into shipping and trading, I can send you some pineapple and grape Fanta for some Mello Yellow or Squirt. I know for sure I can get Fanta 20oz bottles. I can probably get pineapple in 1.5L bottles as well.

        Has anyone seen blue Fanta lately? I haven't had it in about 4 years. It was actually being sold inside Yankee Stadium for a short time.

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          Fanta Berry isn't even mentioned on the Fanta website, so I think it is safe to say it is long gone. It was only in a few markets to begin with.

          I had it once in northern NJ - I thought it was pretty good. Of course, back then everyone kept accusing Coke of me-too-ing Pepsi Blue (which was a blue COLA, not a berry-flavored fruity-soda)