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  • Wow it's been a long time

    Haven't been on here for awhile, just had christmas and got Grand theft auto for my PSP its great. And on the playstation forums. Still addicted to soda, LOL. Trying to get a job though. My parents just sold my $20,000 dollar car (A 2003 hyondai ) for $8,000 because they needed the money. Now, they expect me to walk to my job without any reliable means of transportion! I'm 17, and obese. It wont'be easy. :::sigh:::

    anywa, i live close to phoenix (about 30 minutes), is there any black cherry vanilla coke where I live? I can't find any, anywhere, also, its not listed on coca colas site yet as release.d I've emailed them

    What do you guys think of MDX? I think its way too expensive, but I love it! Like a citrus/sprite/mountain dew mix. Vault isn't available here, though.

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    Hi! I'm new here but I used to live in Mesa and my neice lives in Phoenix.
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      a 2003 hyundai worth $20,000?? what did you do put some 24" dubs on it and 10,000 worth of electronics in it? They should have not bought you the PSP and GTA. Didn't everyone on here tell you that you needed to start walking to lose weight?? here's your chance.
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        Don't hate on Hyundais. They outsell several branches of American automakers, and their quality now competes with the Japanese.

        I own a 96' Hyundai Accent, and for the most part, it's treated me very well.

        And to keep this thread on topic: soda rocks too.

        SEV [img]smile.gif[/img]


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          Its buy was at $16K, and we sold it at 8K

          Well yeah I live in arizona but I don't want to walk 4 miles in the 115 degree heat when it gets hot. Its winter now and its already 80 degrees here. I'd rather pile up on jackets and walk in snow and be warm.

          Yeah, we just had these people come over today and look at it. I talked to him, and at the end, even though it was my car, they never shook my hand, yet shook my parents, like I didn't exist. I hate being a teenager.

          Anyway. by the way, I bought my own PSP and last christmas my most expensive present was a 50 dollar video game, if that makes you feel any better, saint-san.


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            You got grand theft auto. Awesome game!! [img]smile.gif[/img]
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              GTA rocks, and hey saint, the Hyundai probably hasn't got 24" rims and loads of electronics - they probably just filled the tank with gas!


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                Well retail value (the sell) was at around 16K or something, but we did half that (something to do with the way buy/sell works) so it sold for 8,150 or so

                Yeah, my parents hate GTA though. They call it a murder simulator. Shame, such a good game.