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  • Caffine free Dr.Pepper

    CF Dr.Pepper not available in Columvus Ohio.
    Does anyone have a website to where I can order


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    Who bottles Dr Pepper in Columbus? Is is Pepsi out of Cincinnati?

    As a general rule, in places where Coke or Pepsi bottlers control Dr Pepper, the variants can be hard to find, but in places where it is bottled by a "third tier" bottler, its that bottler's main product and easy to get. Rather than order it, which can be quite expensive, there are certainly counties fairly near you where you can find the product. The cost of a "run" would be less than shipping. I don't know that much about northern Ohio or Indiana, but there are counties in Kentucky and West Virginia within 2 hours of Columbus that are third tier.


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      Columbus is served by G&J Pepsi/Dr. Pepper an independent family-owned bottler with offices in Cincinnati but actually out of Columbus (They sold Cincinnati sales territory a long time ago-now Pepsi Americas?). Up until around the end of 04-beginning 05 G&J carried CF Dr. Pepper but then discontinued (I think about the time Dt. Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper came out). G&J Territory runs south to Washington Courthouse/Athens/Hamilton, west to London, east to Zanesville, and North to Marysville/Delaware. So you can be sure you won't find it in any of those places. You might try Cincinnati/Dayton/Marion/Mansfield?


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          i didn't even know they sold CF dr pepper...


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            Oh yea they have CF Dr. Pepper, been drinking alot lately since cutting back on caffine. It's pretty good!!
            Eat,drink and be merry!!


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              Of course, the caffeine-free Dr Pepper you can get from Dublin uses HFCS, rather than the pure cane sugar of their normal DP. (I think you really need the caffeine to get the full flavor profile, but it's nice to drink CF now and then for a break.)



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                I really did'nt taste much differance between regualer Dr. Pepper and CF Dr Pepper. [img]smile.gif[/img]
                Eat,drink and be merry!!