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Tradewinds Teas or T42 Tea

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  • Tradewinds Teas or T42 Tea

    Does anyone have any input on these two tea brands? I'm interested in bringing in a tea product but the Arizona and Snapple brands are already taken in my area. I've sampled both and both are good products. Do these move in your area?

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    I really like Tradewinds. Sheetz (c-store/gas chain) carries it through their own warehouse, it seems to do well.

    My concern is that many places carry the gallon jugs of it, which could undercut your sales.

    I don't know anything about the other brand.


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      i remember drinking, and my dad drinking, tradewinds probably 11 years ago! the fact that the brand, which is not huge or anything, is still around says alot about consistency. ive always loved the products and you can really taste that they are "real brewed", except tradewinds actually IS, steeped in linen bags into giant vats of hot water. very legit.


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        Thanks for the input. Any other comments will be appreciated. Tradewinds T42


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          I checked out the Tradewinds website and found
          3 local (Chicago area) wholesalers who sell it.
          Does anyone know,any Chicago chain store or retailers who sell it. I will call the wholesalers tomorrow. I can't wait to try Tradewinds. I have been craving a good ice tea drink other than what I have been getting as of late.

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          Don't worry, be happy. Meher Baba


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            Tradewinds tea formulae taste utterly fantastic. If you're interested in more southern flavors, the Sweet Tea and Extra Sweet Tea are really great. The sweetness doesn't taste cheap and the tea flavor is the most pure and robust I've tasted in a bottled drink. Take THAT, Honest Tea...



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              Sweet and Extra sweet are excellent.