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"moka drink" coffee soda?

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  • "moka drink" coffee soda?

    at this strange place thats mostly a meat market by my home in baltimore, i found a glassbottled, painted product from italy called "moka drink", its only ingredients being carbonated water, coffee, sugar, and sodium benzoate. it was surprisingly very good! i had had some bad coffee soda(not to be confused with cola)s before, but this was just sweet enough, just carbonated enough, and wasnt offensively bitter. so im just postign this because im excited. what are your experiences with coffee sodas?

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    Moka Drink

    I found the company website.
    Don't worry, be happy. Meher Baba


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      Hi everibody,
      i am an italian boy that live in the city where the moka drink were product (Cosenza).
      This drink is very good for me and it's product and distribuited only in my city!!! infact, i would to know where you have found this bottle (in what city)?
      I wish to export this drink out of my city: what do you think?
      thank everibidy and excuse my poor english.