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Pepsi Jazz -- so who likes it?

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    Originally posted by Dr Thunder86:
    They had Pepsi Jazz 2 liters at the local store for 69 cents. Hpoefully there just trying to get more people to try it and not discontinuing it. I really like it myself
    We are out of the Strawberries & Cream Jazz 2Liters and I have been told that when its gone...its gone. We are going to keep doing 12packs but 2Liters aren't sticking around... at least not here.


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      while looking for cherry coke zero i came across a 12-pack of strawberries & cream pepsi jazz so picked one up.

      when i got home, to my surprise, the cans were cold (they must've just come off the truck), so i popped one open and...

      i was pleasantly surprised. it's quite good. much better than the "berry/cream" versions of dr pepper and diet coke. there's very little after taste at all (though i drink mostly diets/zeros).

      i'd buy it again and will likely try the other flavors as well (and that's coming from a coca-cola fan).

      unfortunately, i haven't had a taste of cherry coke zero yet.

      i'm not sure if pepsi products were on sale (or just jazz), but the 12-pack of jazz was $3.00 (really cheap for NYC) and the coke zero was the standard $4.99.

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        Well.....the Pepsi distributor down here is going under a major change. A BUNCH of products are being discontinued. I'm not sure if Diet Pepsi Jazz is one of them, but we just got a tag in saying "PEPSI JAZZ CARAMEL". The tags for the other Jazzes do say Diet. Looks like we will have something new soon. Another one of those is Squirt.....figure that one out.
        Keep me posted about any Sparkling MISTICs!!!


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          maybe pepsi is trying to make "jazz" mean "diet." like coke made "zero" mean "diet".