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    I know this won't matter a hill of beans to some, but while on the trip home from my parents house yesterday I stopped by the new wallyworld in Purcell, Ok off of exit 91 on I35. Some of these items are plentiful in other parts of the country but around these parts they are scarce.

    I found in no particular order, Hire's root beer, Nehi grape,strawberry and peach, sunkist cherry limeade some of these in both 2 liter and 12 packs. I also found in 6 pk cans cane sugar Dr Pepper.

    Just a little FYI to anyone in OKC metro wanting to make a quick jaunt south.
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    I know Dr Pepper is one of your A List soda pops;how many 6pks did you get? LOL
    A flat bed full? LOL

    Wow what a nice find!!!!!

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      Saint, I am glad you found hard-to find sodas,
      theres always a rush when it happens, ditto for me, my trip to Cabot Arkansas, I found Frosties Rootbeer, Grape, Orange & Cherry Limeade in a Knights Food Market.
      Last Weekend in Warsaw, Virginia, I found Grape Nehi & A&W Cane Root Beer (the last ones they had) in a Buy Rite. So I think its cool that you were able to find those. I'd love to find Peach Nehi & without ordering it from Dublin Texas i would love to get Cane Dr. Pepper anytime i wanted it. Thanks for the post..
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        Nah I only bought a case(only because that is what was left on the shelf. I didn't feel like bugging the DP vendor he was sweating bullets), but it is only about 20 minutes from my house so I am sure I will be making frequent trips. I did not think to look at the A&W for a cane version. All the soda from CS was bottled in Temple so maybe they will have that as well.

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        If what you did yesterday still looks big, you haven't done much today.


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          Cool stuff.
          All the Nehi flavors were from Temple also? I didn't know they made strawberry there.
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            they are distributed out of Anadarko I believe not positive though. I did not look at each of the nehi flavors to be honest with you, I am not much one for flavors and did not purchase any of the nehis. The others all came out of temple and I assumed the nehi did as well. I could find out in a few days as I am heading back to my parents home and it is on the way.
            If what you did yesterday still looks big, you haven't done much today.


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              yeah that would be interesting to know. temple has done some of the rarer Nehi flavors in the past so I wouldn't be surprised.

              there is an RC bottler (distributor?) listed in Chickasha OK on the old territory maps - that looks to be close to Purcell. Maybe they're buying from Temple?
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                I know what you mean, Saint - I get excited when I find either a new soda or one I've been looking for for a while. Just yesterday I stopped at a small Mexican market in our area and found real Mexican Fresca (which I tried and was very good), Sprite in 12 oz. bottles and a new favorite drink of mine, Guarana Antarctica, which I hear is big in Brazil.
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