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Coca-Cola Raspberry: status?

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  • Coca-Cola Raspberry: status?

    Does anyone know how this has been doing in New Zealand? I hope that it does well so that we can try in the US. I checked out eBay and there was only one person shipping them out (at $15 per 20oz.). Has anyone seen this for sale at places like Jungle Jims?

    Also is there an orange flavored coke out there?

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    I purchased mine from the guy in NZ. Came fast, packed well.


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      Originally posted by NewColaLover:
      Also is there an orange flavored coke out there?
      Earlier this year, Coca-Cola Belgium began to market an orange-flavored version of Coca-Cola Light called "Coca-Cola Light Sango".

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        Mezzomix (from Coca-Cola) is a mix of orange and cola. It's available in Germany. It's quite good, actually.


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          I was obsessed with Mezzo Mix for years.

          I can't remember who it was on this board, but they tipped me off to a website from which you can order it. The URL is:

          To this day, this site is the ONLY place you can order it. On.line, offline, wholesale, everything.

          I can tell you that it's definitely worth the price to import it.

          SEV [img]smile.gif[/img]


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            Sweet! I had this site a long time ago and lost it. The cool thing is they also have drinks from other countries, like Macedonia (where all of my family is from)!


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              I would recommend, just for a once-in-a-lifetime experience to taste the raspberry coke (I cant see it coming over here), just spend the 15 or so dollars to get it. Thats of course if you have the money to spend. I did it and really liked it

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              I Love Soda!


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                I have a question for a collector, wouldn't it be smart to pay the high price for a can of it off ebay and save it and maybe in 10 years it would be a valueable collectable?


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                  I'm not a real collector of anything but I do have tons of common sense through my years of message board participation and an interest in collecting. That being said. Here are my two cents.

                  Whether or not something is valuable in the short term or long term is pretty much based on scarcity or sentimental value. My advice to you is to buy that what you like. Buy for investment at a cost that you can live with. Most of us can not afford paying 20 or 30 bucks for a can of soda pop.

                  As in anything in life there are no sure things except that we will all bite the dust down the road. LOL This might sound sappy but buy from your gut. If your gut tells you that this has a good chance of being a good investment than blow all caution to the wind. Many of us have done this in our lives with good results.

                  I have not offered you any technical advice, that will follow from our board of outstanding experts.
                  I wanted you to see that collecting for investment is an inexact science, there is no way to forecast the future that's why your gut is a valuable indicator.

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                  Don't worry, be happy. Meher Baba


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                    Thanks for the advice Zabe, I was just thinking about this not really sure I am going to do it. But it was not going for that much it was like a starting bid of $3.99 plus shipping of about $5.00. I am not one to spend much on pop, I guess I was just seeing if this is stuff collectors even care about.


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                      I'd like to offer my $.02 here. Anytime a product is test marketed, those cans\bottles are good investments. Usually you can tell if a product is going to fail in a test market or if it will fizzle aferwards. When Crystal Pepsi came out, I had a feeling it wouldn't be around long. So, I stocked up on 2-liters, advertising signs, cans, bottles, magnents, etc. Sure enough, it fizzled. Now, you see the bottles of the stuff on Ebay for $10-15 each, sometimes more. When Tab test marketed their flavored sodas, orange, strawberry, root beer, etc., those didn't last long. I bought all the cans I could when I started collecting because I knew they would become valuable. Sure enough, look those up on Ebay, if you can find them. So, I've already ordered cans and bottles of this raspberry, in both Diet and Regular versions. It most likely won't catch on around the world and people will forget about it until I break out a can. It's fun collecting odd test market flavors. Remember Pepsi Kona? I have some of those.. saw a 2-liter recently sell for over $40! So, my advice is.. just do it!


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                        Wonkapete one last thing do you have to leave the soda in the can or bottle? Because if I did buy a can of raspberry coke I would probably want to drink it, so does it make a difference to collector if the beverage is still in it.


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                          Doesn't make a huge difference. For some collector's, they like to open the cans from the bottoms so the top will remain intact and look full. I usually leave mine full but have many that are emtpy. When they are all on a shelf, you can't tell unless it's a bottle. So, I'd say drink it up.. and save the can..


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                            There's an auction up for an 8 pack.. Total comes to $80 with s&h.



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                              $800 pesos... double OUCH

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