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  • MexiCoke

    Looks like Coke is trying to put a stop to the importing of Mexican Coke.. terrible.

    "The Coca-Cola Co. in Atlanta says it wants the trafficking in Mexican Coke stopped."

    I agree 100% with what one of the people they interviewed for the article said:

    "The adman-turned-soda pop retailer says the Coca Cola Co. is missing a big opportunity by not offering discerning shoppers what they want and what they are willing to pay more for.

    "If they were smart, they'd get into the value-added market," Rousseau said. "And it's a huge market.""

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    Coke is only interested in squeezing profits out of their cheapened down American products. If you drink Cokes from other countries, you start to realise how bad American Coke is. Coca-Cola doesn't care about it's consumers or the quality of it's product, they just want money. It is truly sad how bad Coke has gotten since I was a kid. I had Coke from Holland and Britain, and they were both as good as I remember. US Coke just tastes like crap in comparison.

    At least one Dr Pepper bottler has gone the other way. The Amarillo, Texas Dr Pepper bottler decided to go the Dublin, TX route and start making premium Dr Pepper with Imperial Pure Cane Sugar, priced higher than their regular Dr Pepper made with corn syrup. I really wish other bottlers would do the same kind of thing.

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