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Regional Sodas in D.C., Maryland, and Philly

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  • Regional Sodas in D.C., Maryland, and Philly

    I am going on vacation in the next couple of weeks to D.C., Maryland, and Philadelphia. I am looking to bring back some regional sodas and snacks that I can't get in Kansas City. All suggestions are welcome.

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    You must stop in Virginia on your way to DC and get some Vault, and for Heaven's sake, get a Philly Cheese Steak in Philadelphia.


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      Philadelphia has Canada Dry flavors. Black Cherry Wishniak, Vanilla Cream, Pinapple, Wild Cherry, and possibly a few others. They may be hard to find in some places, since the bottling plant was on strike for a month -- they just came back about a week or so ago.

      The DC area also has Rock Creek sodas. Mostly available in places like 7-11s.

      Philadelphia also has some local brands in glass, like Hank's and Olde Philadelphia. Pennsylvania Dutch Birch Beer is something else that may interest you.


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        Originally posted by fusion:
        Philadelphia has Canada Dry flavors. Black Cherry Wishniak, Vanilla Cream, Pinapple, Wild Cherry, and possibly a few others.
        Oh, ok that's probably where my friend got his at (he showed me pics of his soda stash once and the Canada Dry flavors were sitting there) . I thought it was a Canadian product or something.


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          We have:
          1. Hanks beverages from P.A.- Hard to find.
          2. Route 66 sodas from VA.- Hard to find.
          3. Pennsylvania Dutch Birch Beer.- Sold at most supermarkets in Northern Maryland.
          4. Old Dominion Root Beer from VA- easy to find at restaurants. Some supermarkets have it on and off.
          5. Rock Creek- Hard to find. I've only seen it in Baltimore.
          I will add more if I can think of them. Those are the main ones that can actually be found from time to time. There is no soda pop pot of gold around here though. You have to check all over.
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            Not too many unique soda's in DC and Philly. But if your interested, make a pit stop in Roanoke VA. Roanoke has lots of VAULT, Mello Yello, and Pibb Extra.

            Food Recomendation: Jim's Steaks 4th and South Street/Philadelphia. (Order a Cheesesteak with American)

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              If you are going through the Pennsylvania Dutch region look for regionals like A-treat tons of flavors, Kutztown brand sodas uses sugar!, Reading Draft. Good pretzel country also.


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                Oh yeah... Kutztown Sodas are great. If you see Hank's (I never even saw in Philadelphis in fact!!!) I say "no thanks" !

                But Kutztown is the real Pennsylvania soda actually made in Pennsylvania... great stuff! I drink it here in California!!! I like the Diet Birch Beer the best of all!
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                  Frank's is now available again around here. So far, I've seen Champagne Kola and Peach, but only in 2 liter bottles, prepriced at 99?‚??. The address on the bottles is for the Honickman Canada Dry warehouse here in Delaware, and it is produced by his plant in Baltimore.

                  From what I understand, the original Frank's line became the current Canada Dry flavor (not ginger ale) line. I previously had found Frank's in cans at a Brewer's Outlet in PA, but that spot in the store is now occupied by Shasta. It was produced at the canning plant in Concordville PA, which Honickman sold to Cott.

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                    So, I wonder if the person who created this thread made the trip?

                    I also found Frank's Tangerine soda at 7-11.


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                      I did take the trip. It rained everyday and I had to change many of my plans. I was only able to get the Canada Dry flavors. None of them were anything special except the Island Lime flavor. It was wonderful, I wish I could get more.

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                        You found Lime! Wow. That's the best/most unusual of them all... I had figured it was discontinued.