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  • Energy Brands Vitamin Water

    So what is the latest on this brand since Coke, Pepsi, and Snapple have all failed at their copycat efforts?

    Are they going to make it?

    Are sales increasing or decreasing?

    What are they doing right? Wrong?

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    I never thought it would sell a case. Its flavored water with a very small vitamin disolved in it. If you read the nutritional values, it had verry little. But I have seen it fly off the shelves. I guess people feel they can try to stay healthy with it, so it flys here in CA. I think it still has a few years of life left in it.


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      Any other thoughts? There has to be some opinion on this company by the members of this board.


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        it does real well.

        i really like logo scheme. colorful slogans as well.

        it hits well with kids who look for an alternative to gatorade to health concious diet coke heads.

        flavors that sell well (i go by color, it's easier that way)


        smar****er does alright but you need to push it.

        they had like energy teas too. i kinda thought that was too much, i mean seriously, coolers don't have THAT much space.
        woot woot


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          smar****er = smart water. haha
          woot woot


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            I'm tired of seeing Glaceau flying off the shelves in my area so bad that I think I'm going to take on this Energy Multi Vitamin Water brand. I've tried it and think it tastes as good, if not better, and the packaging is certainly nicer!


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              vitamin water is one of the best new brands to enter the beverage world in the last 5 years. Sales in our region are trending up over 100% over last year even after the brand has been in distribution for four years. The amazing thing about this brand is that it is has created its own category that every store should have and while doing this has also made itself extremely hard to copycat (even though many have tried).

              Consumers are buying it for a perceived health value that may or may not be there. Yes, one can argue that there may not be a ton of vitamins in the product and that since it has calories that maybe it shouldnt even be classified as a water at all. However, you can argue that their product is a lot healthier and tastes a lot better than 99.99% of the crap you find on shelves today.

              Recent marketing efforts for the brand include a partnership with Hip-hop demigod "50 Cent" who has his own vitamin water flavor (called formula 50) and may or may not be a new investor in their company (depending on who you talk to). Turn on mtv and vh1 and you will see many reality shows with their participants drinking both vitamin water and smart water, as they have been seeded by glaceaus savvy marketing team. Open the National Enquirer and you will find pictures of celebreties such as Paris Hilton and Brittany Spears who innocently tote vitamin waters around town as the paparazzi scramble to take their pictures. Check out Major League dugouts and you will find guys like Manny Ramirez and Curt Schilling pounding Power C between innings (sometimes hiding the product in containers branded by gatorade, poland springs, and powerade depending on the park's existing beverage contracts).

              If you are distributor who is looking at picking this brand up or are thinking about buying it out from an existing distributor my advice is to do so now before the price continues to double every year.