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    I saw a sample bottle of a new Minute Maid product.. Smooth Strawberry. 10% juice, and dairy product. Can't wait to watch this one bomb. It was in a 12oz Powerade-type bottle, I wonder if that's the package they are putting it in for retail.

    CCE Mid-Atlantic is also going to start producing Dasani and Nestea Lemonade Tea in Fridge Packs when we do the conversion. The Baltimore facility is already set up for Fridge Packs (they ran one production run so the sales centers could get their hands on a few pallets for training and such), so it's just a matter of time before they stop making traditional packs.

    Northern Neck Fridge Packs (reg/diet) are also on our authorization sheets, but I doubt we'll see it in the northern sales centers.

    I also saw that Canada Dry is now producing a Country Time iced tea. Reminded me of how much I missed the old Tetley tea in a 12oz can.. boy, that stuff was great! Canada Dry bottlers in the metro NYC area used to carry it.

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    The Country Time tea is great.