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    How many people in here have had this stuff? I went to pyramid ale house myself and had the "sample platter" it was all really good, and you can find it all over the place here in Oregon and the NorthWest. I was wondering if it can be found anywhere else. Also, FYI, Pyramid recently sold the rights to the drink to another company, here's the link if your interested.
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    I have had that stuff.

    I bought a 12 pack @ Costco, it had Orang cream, Root Beer,Gingerale, and Grape.

    I normally love Orange and Cream BUT I have never had anything this bad, it tasted like it was fermented in a rotten chip/fiber board drawer.

    The Gingerale is also on my least favorite list, it taste's to me like it was fermented with used Band Aid's.

    I am rarely this harsh on a beverage BUT I could not stand these 2, maybee I got bad batches.


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      The Root Beer had a paper type of taste when I tried it.

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        Originally posted by Hacksaw:
        The Root Beer had a paper type of taste when I tried it.
        I agree. When I tried it awhile back, it had a very odd taste to it. No good! I'm still a fan of Point Root Beer.
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