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Mello Yello TV commercial?

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  • Mello Yello TV commercial?

    I remember the TV commercial that made me wanna try Mello Yello and it went somethin' like
    "Mello Yello makes you feel so good so fast
    From your head down to your toes
    Mello Yello makes you feel so good so fast
    You just can't drink it slow"
    does anyone here know where or how I can find a copy of that ad? I want the full TV commercial but just the audio would still be cool.
    Mello Yello makes you feel so good, so fast!

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      OMG! Thanx SO much! That brings back so many feelings. lol
      is there anyway to transfer things from youtube to CD and/or DVD?
      Mello Yello makes you feel so good, so fast!


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        You're welcome!, those commercials were posted by Coca-Cola New Zealand on Youtube to promote the release of the limited edition Mello Yello in that country...

        I wish I could know how to transfer them but I don't know either...

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          I am not sure how to copy it onto a dvd or cd but here is how to copy it onto your computer and then to your ipod...if you like:

          How to Save videos off YouTube
          How to transfer them to Itunes (Ipod)

          1. The first thing that I did was create a FLV folder on your desktop where you will be saving video files to play.
          2. Next I downloaded a FLV player from (or wherever) for free.
          3. Now go to Youtube and find the video that you would like to save to your computer.
          4. Let the video play all the way through letting it completely buffer through.
          5. Now copy the url (found in the box next to the video underneath “tag” and above “Embed”)
          6. Go to this website: KeepVid: Download videos from Google, Youtube, iFilm, Putfile, Metacafe, DailyMotion! and paste the url into the box where it is requested.
          7. Click on the Click down box on the right and select youtube and then press download.
          8. Below in the download box click on >>download link<<
          9. A dialog box will appear, click on save and search for the FLV folder to save it in. Change the name of the file and DON’T FORGET TO PUT .FLV AFTER THE NEW NAME AND SELECT SAVE IN ALL FILES.
          10. Now click on the video (which should be an internet file) and it should work. With my FLV program I have to drag the video over it to get it to play.

          How to transfer them to Itune (Ipod)

          1. Visit Extract audio from video. Convert video to mp3
          and download the free software to your Desktop (or in your FLV folder)
          2. Now open up the new program and a dialog box will appear (everytime that is why it is free because of this ad) and click the first browse button and find the FLV file of the video that you just downloaded. Click it and then press convert.
          3. After it is done converting it will appear in your folder. Delete the old flv file and drag the new MPG4 file into the library of your Itunes.

          *Please note this is the easiest ways that I have found to do these actions. I am by no means an expert computer…guy or anything like that. Please do at your own risk. -Jon
          I am looking for Mello Yello in glass bottles and Diet Mello Yello in can or bottle...if you find them let me know where you got them, thank you in advance.


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            Thanx - I wanna get those comercials on VHS or DVD because I can't figure the Ipod thing out (been tryin' for over a year).
            Maybe this will help me figure somethin' out.
            Mello Yello makes you feel so good, so fast!