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    I've had long discussions with my sales rep this week. Pepsi rep had a meeting and they are going to be adding up to 20 new SKUs in 2007. A lot of the SKUs are just size changes and multipacks in the Aquafina category. But some interesting products as well.

    -Jazz Black Cherry/Vanilla is in stores now. Caramel will replace Cherry in the middle of 2007.

    -Dr Pepper Berries and Cream will be replacing Cherry Vanilla VERY soon.

    -They are adding a Ocean Spray Cranberry Sparklers to the Dole Sparklers line.

    -Aquafina Sparkling is coming to Canada.

    -2 new Lipton Brisk Ice Teas are coming. Brisk White Tea and Brisk Green Apple White Tea.

    -They are discontinuing the dreadful Dew Fuel and bringing back the old school Diet Dew.

    That was about all I could remember of merit from Pepsi.

    Coke Zero will be getting black packaging in Canada very soon.

    Lots of new innovations in Crystal Light and Kool Aid including bringing 2 new flavours of Kool Aid Singles to Canada, Tropical Punch and Strawberry.

    Refridgerated Nestea and Nestea Zero in plastic, see-through, handled jugs. Similar to Minute Maid and Five Alive.

    I know it isn't beverage news, but we got Lay's Curry potato chips and Doritos Tandoori Sizzler in today and I LOVE them. Mmmmmm

    Thanks a lot for reading!

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    Outstanding report from the Great North. [img]smile.gif[/img]
    Keep up the good work.
    Don't worry, be happy. Meher Baba


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      Originally posted by ScottyLibido:

      I know it isn't beverage news, but we got Lay's Curry potato chips and Doritos Tandoori Sizzler in today and I LOVE them. Mmmmmm
      Why oh Why doesn't Frito Lay think this could work in the US. Those flavors sound tasty.

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        Great report!

        Caramel sounds really tasty! [img]tongue.gif[/img]
        Too bad that Cherry Vanilla DP will be discontinued there...
        A question, Dew Fuel is Mountain Dew renamed or a diet version of Mountain Dew?

        and that flavors of Frito Lay sounds delicious! Here in Mexico Sabritas doesn't give too much variety and compared with the great american bag, the design of the mexican Doritos bag really sucks!

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          I think caramel Jazz is an addition to the line, not a replacement for anything. Some bottlers may be dropping one flavor of Jazz and replacing it with caramel however PepsiCo is not dropping Black Cherry/Vannila.

          The Ocean Spray Refreshers is not a Dole Sparkler product, but a product of its own which will be sold by Pepsi bottlers.

          Brisk is being reforumulated, I'm not sure about the white tea however. I was under the impression that white tea was to be a Lipton Iced Tea to be marketed alongside the Green Tea with Citus, not Brisk line. I could be wrong about this. Green Apple brisk is coming indeed. Not sure if it is white though.


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            Nice report Scotty...

            Cherry Vanilla Jazz will be replaced by Caramel? what about the fate of Strawberries & Cream? I notice some stores are starting to stock the CFV instead of S&C...

            From what I've seen in the past couple of months DR Pepper Diet Cherry Vanilla is pretty much sold out all over. I bought my last case in November 06' and have not seen any since. Hopefully the B&C tastes just as good.

            Lay's Curry Potato Chips have been out for the better part of a year here in Toronto, as well as Lay's Wasabi, both not moving as well as Lay's would like them to though.

            I would'nt mind trying the Doritos Tandoori Sizzler flavour. The last Doritos flavour (Sweet Chili Heat(with artificial sweeteners) released last year was not that great. And good lord I have Sugar in my (Soda)Pop! do I have to have it in my salty snacks too?

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              thanks for the info...our pepsi rep didn't know all the new items coming in the next little while.

              He did say that he received a note about the izze and that he'd get back to me on the line. I have a feeling once Pepsi starts to distribute this line it will outsell the Sparklers. Izze is near damn impossible to obtain right now.

              Also we finally get the Propel Calcium line and the three original flavors of Gatorade Rain.