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  • POWERade

    so what about powerade? what is everybodys favorite flavors? Mine has probably got to be green Squal.

    and by the way, psot here what you like more... POWERade or Gatorade? I choose POWERade.

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    By my part of the country(Chicago,IL) poweraid and Gatorade have been in a fierce price war for nearly a year or so. Each week one or the other has a "hot" sale. Lately 8pk 20oz btls have been on sale for $5. IMO I prefer Gatorade. Ice cold lemon lime is my all time favorite,I must have several bottles at all times in my fridge.

    Poweraid fruit punch is awesome. I buy a few bottles from time to time.

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      i absolutely love powerade arctic shatter, but i happen to be drinking one of the grape gatorade firce's that i found in my fridge...

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        i agree arctic shatter is my favourite flavor of powerade...

        does anybody know what happened to the lebron flavor? was it just a limited edition?


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          My favorite flavors are:

          - Berries (Mountain Blast)
          - Green Apple
          - Fruit Punch
          - Orange-Mandarin

          Powerade Light
          - Strawberry
          - Cherry

          and between Gatorade and Powerade... I choose Powerade too...

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            I prefer glaceau vitaminwater... I drink a kelly clarkson every day lol (she's on the kiwi-strawberry).. well I down an orange and usually a fruit punch as well...


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              Does anyone remember the Matrix flavor? I thought that tasted great, too bad it's gone. I also enjoy the Option water... very light and refreshing.


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                The Matrix flavor lives on - now it's called Black Cherry Lime.

                Option Grape is the best Option there is, imho.

                Powerade now comes in 8 packs, like Gatorade. $5.48 in Wallyworld, vs. $5.98 for Gatorade. I included the Gatorade in the picture for comparison.


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                  I prefer gatorade. Maybe it is because I am old school. Plus, gatorade, as far as isotonics go, is a far better product nutritionally. Of course the sugars are high in both but the sodium and potassium in gatorade is better for the body if you are truly using it for re-hydration before, during and after sports activities.
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                    I like the new Gatorade A.M. orange-strawberry drink
                    Yet I am drinking it in the PM hour, lol.


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                      powerade is way better than gatorade

                      gatorade's flavors all taste watered down

                      my fav powerade flavor is green squall


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                        I too prefer Powerade though I will admit I have not tried all the Gatorade flavors. I love Arctic Shatter and Mountain Blast. I also really dig the Powerade Advances more for the concept than the flavor.
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