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yet another diet coke with splenda thread...

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  • yet another diet coke with splenda thread...

    does anybody know what is going on with diet coke with splenda? I just got back from Michigan and especially in the Troy/Rochester Hills area, I could not find a single drop of it. It's nice to mix it up a little with Coke Zero, and Diet cherry Coke.

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    To the best of my limited knowledge LOL,
    Coca Cola in the US has stopped using splenda in diet soda pops. I'm sure our Coke experts can give you more details.
    Don't worry, be happy. Meher Baba


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      Coca-Cola never pushed the product to begin with, after 2 weeks of introduction no ads were displayed ever again.

      You know what products Coke cares about and what products they really dont care about and this one was one they never cared about.


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        When I went to Texas I only saw 2 or 3 bottles in a C-Store in Laredo, but in San Antonio I didn't saw any bottle of Diet Coke with Splenda...

        But despite Coca-Cola US stopped using Splenda or sucralose on their sodas, here in Mexico there's a flavored soda with sucralose recently released called Ciel Naturae, and is doing pretty well...


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          I just bought some last night. It's still plentiful here in AL.


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            now that you mention it, i haven't noticed any in NYC since summer...

            it was pretty awful though... even worse than regular diet coke. it was just too lemony and artificial tasting. it would make me a little ill.

            personally, i think coke would've been better served reformulating TaB with splenda. then people would've been able to distinguish the three sugar free colas:

            diet coke (the one most of us hate but most people drink)
            coke zero (the one that tastes good)
            and TaB (the pink one with splenda)

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