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  • Cherry and Apple Slice

    Anybody remember these? I never had them but my boyfriend said the apple was killer.Are they around anymore? And if so where do I get them. I havn't seen them here.
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    The Slice brand is dead, and has been for some time. The exception is a diet Slice One product produced by some pepsi bottlers for Wal Mart only, apparently.


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      Cherry Cola Slice and Apple Slice came out in 1986, both of them did not last long 1-2 years tops.

      here is the apple slice can

      here is the cherry cola slice can

      hope that helps.


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        And here are some inserts from vending machines:
        Give me some cane sugar real Pepsi in a glass bottle... and not Throwback!


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          I heard at one time there was a Slice cola, I thought that that was strange since Slice Drinks have Fruit juice in them.


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            I do remember the slice cherry cola. What where the marketing wizards at Pespsico thinking in coming out with a cola that was not part of the flagship Pepsi?


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              Well, Pepsi did have a history of introducing flavor extensions under an alternate brand. When they tried a diet cola in the early 60s, they put it under their "Patio" sub-brand instead of as Diet Pepsi. It was successful enough that Diet Pepsi was soon introduced. I wonder if the Cherry Cola Slice wasn't a similar tactic on their part.

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              Give me some cane sugar real Pepsi in a glass bottle... and not Throwback!


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                i thought that cherry cola slice seemed weird too.


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                  I really miss some of the slice flavors. Good stuff, I much prefered them to Fanta.
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