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crystal water soda company and cherikee red

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  • crystal water soda company and cherikee red

    Crystal water told me they do not ship anymore.
    Said that Cherikee red is distributed by seven up/dr pepper bottling company. I have looked
    on their website and there is no mentioning of
    them carrying cherikee red.
    Also I was told it was available in parts of ohio.
    I am on a desperate search for this soda.I do
    not want to get it from I ordered
    a 12 pack and the total came to 28 dollars.

    I thought Dr.pepper is distributed by pepsi
    cola(it is in columbus ohio)

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    Dr Pepper is distributed by many different bottlers.

    Where I live in Delaware, it is distributed by Coke. Where I work at in Maryland, it's Pepsi. Where my parents live, it's RC. Further west, it's DPSUBG.

    DPSUBG in western PA is in Cranberry Township, which is north of Pittsburgh.

    125 E. Kensinger Rd.
    Cranberry Township, PA 16066

    I have seen it in Western PA - I can confirm that.

    DPSUBG is not going to ship to you. They don't do that. Either you have to drive to PA or get it from Sodafinder.