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  • Beverage Law

    Anybody know of someone I can talk to about Beverage law.

    I'm being pushed out of business.

    East coast.


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    Morrison and Foerster, LLP - large legal firm that deals with beverage companies and distributors.
    If there\'s anything more important than my ego running around I want it caught and shot now.


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      Thanks for the info, looks like things are going to work out for me.


      • #4 ? lol geez thats a bad domain name. Oh well sorry to hear about your sitiuation, good luck getitng back into the game.
        <b>Hey Pepsi, Shasta called, they want their lemon-lime back.</b>


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          Originally posted by global
          Hello datruth,

          - Forget the past, move on, there lots of opportunities for you
          - Just be open, positive outlook in life

          - I am speaking thru my personal experience; I experienced defeat, negative outcome, but never, ever give up
          - We may be defeated, but not crushed
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