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Soda/Juice Drinking Fountain?

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  • Soda/Juice Drinking Fountain?

    I've often wondered if these exist anywhere, because I remember seeing the movie Mr. Deeds (with Adam Sandler) and he had a Hawaiian Punch drinking fountain in his house. I know this is probably far fetched but does anyone know if this is actually possible? If/when I get rich, one of those will be my first investments! haha

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    you would think it wouldnt be that hard, i would imagine all you would have to do is have a soda fountain, except have the soda go to a water fountain instead of water, but i dont know. that might create problems with the carbonation and the general stickeyness of soda.


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      it shouldn't be hard. Haw punch isn't carbonated, so essentially all you would need to do is figure a way to pipe the syrup from a bag in box into the water supply line before it exits the drinking fountain.

      then again, I am just a dumb old pop man and it could need a nasa scientist to figure the specifics out.
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