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Mountain Dew Blue Shock Back In Stores!!!

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  • Mountain Dew Blue Shock Back In Stores!!!

    Many of you may remember Mountain Dew Blue Shock, it was a test product also in slurpee form, and is considered one of the most succesfull slurpees to date. It has been gone for a very long time now, BUT HAS BEEN RELEASED BACK IN TO ALL 7-11 STORES AND DELICIOUS AS EVER!!!

    anybody think this has something to do with Red Blitz coming out?

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    Why would a frozen blue soda have anything to do with a carbonated red soda? If anything, Pepsi would start pushing Code Red a lot more to counteract the Red Blitz release.


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      so they can get an extra bit of money, or just to mke people like dew a bit more as opposed to vault.


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        Is the blue shock just in slurpee form or will it be in pop form too? And why are there no 7-11's in KY? AHH It makes me so mad!


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          speaking of code red, is pepsi still pushing the flavor extensions of mountain dew much in your areas? michigan is a huge state for dew but i really don't see the flavor extensions given much of a thought. mostly just shelves and shelves of dew 20oz, a fair amount of diet dew and hardly any orange, red or caffeine free.

          there's one speedway/superamerica gas station near my apartment that has two doors of dew 20oz.
          woot woot


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            nope, not any new stuff in michigan.......

            also, i lived in kentucky for 11 years, it sucks that there are no 7-11's.

            i have only seen/heard of Blue shock slurpee so far.


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              Yeah, so far only slurpee blue shock.

              I'm in Michigan and around here, it is very rare to find Livewire, and easy (but not that easy) to find Code Red.

              Mountain Dew should be thinking about its extensions a lot more. Who knows Red Blitz might do some damage to PepsiCo.


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                This is where 7-11 operates:

                7-Eleven: Franchising - Opportunities