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Please help me get Pibb Zero.

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  • Please help me get Pibb Zero.

    Willing to pay $5 paypal for someone to send me a 20oz Pibb Zero to Kentucky. Or $12 for a 12 pack.

    Please let me know if they sell this in your area and you're willing to help me out. You can pm me or e-mail me at


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    email sent!


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      I found Pibb Zero in Owensboro, Kentucky in October of last year.


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        I found it in 12pks all around the St Louis area Sept of 2006


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          still all over st. louis as of now
          although i believe its only 12 packs now, i haven't seen a 20 oz but haven't really looked lately either
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            Seriously! I had no idea that they made Pibb Zero. Is this national? Test Market? Whats up from those in the know?
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              Greg, drive about 6 hours north to Brunswick, GA. Pibb Zero was there in September 2006.
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                I saw Pibb Zero for the first time this past weekend in Janesville Wisconsin.
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                  Thanks to Rob The Surge Drinker for helping me out with this. I got it this morning and it was everything I thought it would be!

                  Cherry Coke Zero was my favorite, but Pibb Zero is almost exactly like the regular to me! Now if only they'd sell it here.

                  Someone above said they found it in Owensboro. That's about an hour south of me and I'm 100% serious that I like it enough that I'd take a trip down there once per month to stock up on this stuff!


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                    Hey there,

                    I am into advertising and as an assignment I am doing little research on Pibb zero and have couple of questions for you. Hope you don't mind answering them for me.

                    1. What is your age and occupation?
                    2. How is Pibb zero different from Pibb Xtra?
                    3. When do you prefer drinking Pibb?
                    4. Why do you like it more than Dr. Peppers?
                    5. Anything else you'd like to add.

                    Thanks a lot.