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  • Opinion of "Ale 81"....

    Anyone familiar with it, what do you think?



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    Fairly middle of the road ginger ale, but with caffeine. Fiercely loyal customer base in their core area around Winchester, KY. The Waffle House in front of the plant even has it on their taps.

    You can tour the facility (on Fridays) and buy stuff from their gift store.

    They still produce in longnecks, which is admirable (I heard the bottles clinking around the day I was there). They also have NuGrape and Elan water in their core area, along with a diet Ale-8.


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      Really good. Easy to find around Cincinnati. Best enjoyed straight from a chilled glass bottle. Or pour over a glass of ice and a splash of grenadine for a Cherry Ale 8.


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        It is a regional product. They actually make it about 15 minutes away from where I live!! So I drink it all the time. It is a lot better in the glass bottles than it is in the cans or 20 oz. plastic bottles. The tour of the bottling plant is a lot of fun too, just like someone already mentioned. If you ever get a chance to go, it is worth the trip.