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Diet Cherry 7Up Gets a Facelift?

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  • Diet Cherry 7Up Gets a Facelift?

    Surfing the internet and came across these pictures. Apparently someone found Diet Cherry 7Up in Los Angeles (with the new label). Lucky them, considering I can only get the regular stuff here on the East Coast.

    Gotta say though that both the new Diet 7Up and Diet Cherry 7Up labels are a step up from the previous rubbish. The old labels were just awful and boring and did absolutely nothing to attract the consumer. Not to mention they tasted awful.

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    I would rather 7up change back to the old HFCS formula!!!!!!
    The new lable looks like a clown having a gas attack. LOLOLOL
    Don't worry, be happy. Meher Baba


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      Travel further south, you'll find diet Cherry 7Up. It never went away around here, even after cherry Plus was introduced.

      The same guy owns the 7Up franchises from NYC metro south into Virginia. But he runs the companies separately, for the most part. The plant in Pennsauken NJ runs 2L for distribution in southern NJ/eastern MD/DE.


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        Ive seen that label of diet cherry 7up for a while now, probably since summer of last year.


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          These labels have been around for a while. It's pretty much the standard look for C-S diets. I know the diet A&W, Sunkist, and Canada Dry flavors have similar looks as well now. Any others?


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            The new-look 7 Up products is distributed by a number of companies here in the South.
            In South central tennessee it is a Cadbury product.