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  • Rose Sodas...?

    I've very recently had a desire for some rose sodas...are any of the rose sodas out there worth drinking? And what are the qualities of some of the better ones? Thanks for any help you can offer.

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    any help at all...
    im trying to buy a pack within the next week, and would like some advice from bevnet, where people actually know their sodas.


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      The only rose soda I've ever seen is "Nuky" soda. It has a review here on Bevnet that doesn't make it sound too appetizing. I saw it in a Persian market along with several different types of rose water. Other than that, I don't know of any.
      With thousands of sodas available for the choosing, why drink just one or two?


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        I only know of rose water or a rose flavored syrup sold in Indian stores. You could add it to soda water and make your own Rose flavored Italian Soda.

        Also, replying to your own post asking for hurried information 17 minutes after your first post? Impatient much?