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Back from Italy and Spain

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  • SamC
    started a topic Back from Italy and Spain

    Back from Italy and Spain

    Just spent 10 days as a chaperon for a High School trip to Italy and Spain. Because I had to watch the kids, I did not get to do much soda related photography or exploring, but I had a few things to post. This was my first trip to continental Europe:


    - Coke seems to be far more popular. Rare to see Pepsi at all. Most in the city stores carry Coke, Coke Light (which tastes like real Coke), and Sprite (in the old labeling). More full line stores had a broader selection, but still mostly Coke products.

    - Schweppes has a "Schweppes Cola". Tastes like RC. Probably is.

    - The Vatican serves only Pepsi in its official snack bar.

    - Sprite Zero is available.

    - Soda is very expensive. Triple the US price. And no free refils. Bottled water, however, is not sold at the same price as soda, but is rather far cheeper.

    - No vending machines.


    - Spain is as different a country from Mexico as the USA is from the UK. I guess I should have known that, but its still surprising, to me as an American used to associating Spanish with Mexico and Latin America. Marketing and packaging were totally different from Mexico.

    - Pepsi is marketed by a beer company and delivered in trucks labeled for the beer, not the cola.

    - Burger King has Pepsi.

    - Sprite is often replaced by Fanta Orange. Coke, Coke Light (which tastes like Diet Coke), and Fanta Orange. Coke Zero is available.

    - Some vending machines. Which look like US versions from 1985 or so.


    - United Airlines has Pepsi. Lufthansa has Coke, like most airlines. However you get this tiny can. About 6 ozs.

    - German airport (Frankfurt) has more American style soda selections.

  • CitrusCola
    I guess the diet drinks in Spain have improved

    When I visited the Canary Islands a few years ago, the diet soft drinks there were awful. Most of them were sweetened with saccharin; they did not have aspartame or Splenda. The better tasting diet drinks had cyclamate in them.

    In the inland villages, Coke-related products seemed to dominate (except in Firgas where they had RC, Upper 10, and Royal Crown Flavors), while in the coastal/tourist areas, you could find some Pepsi products and a greater variety.

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  • Ram0n C0keah0lic
    Great review SamC! Thanks for posting!

    Have you had the chance of drinking in Spain these sodas? Bitter Mare Rosso, Aquarius, Aquarius Version 3, Spaniard Mountain Dew, Kas or the new Fanta Verdia and Sprite Duo?

    In fact Spain is the second market that released Coke Zero in the european continent...

    if somebody wants to know about Coca-Cola or Pepsi in spain check this sites:

    Coca-Cola Spain corporate site:

    Coca-Cola bottling groups sites - Bebidas Gaseosas del Noroeste, S.A.
    Asturbega f??brica de Coca-Cola de Colloto

    Pepsi site: ...detectando plugin

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  • Drew
    Originally posted by SamC View Post
    Burger King has Pepsi.
    Well worth the trip right

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