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  • Fun With Moxie

    I took a quart bottle of Moxie to work to share with some co-workers, someting I had done in the past. I was rather suprised this time. Two guys in their early 20's liked it. One finished off the remainder of the bottle. Out of the five folks who tried it one made a terrible face and refused to finish it, one had tried it last year but drank it anyways and I again spit it out after trying it because I thought maybe I had a bad batch after the two fellows did not have a negative reaction.
    Whatcha gonna do mama now that the roast beef is gone?

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    I was going to put a bottle of Moxie in the fridge at one place I worked where there were lots of food thefts!
    Life is too short to drink crummy sodas...


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      Yes that stuff is very nasty, don't know how people can drink it!!!