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What brand do you miss most?

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  • What brand do you miss most?

    Think back to your childhood or anywhere in your past. What brand/flavor of drink you miss the most? We're not talking about recent Coke or Pepsi products that flopped, but actual brands that are long forgotten or flavors that worked really well for that brand.

    For me, I remember growing up and going to the store to get Kentucky Nip cherry julep. I know it's still in production, but no where around here anyway.

    My good friend Scott says he misses a beverage called Rondo. (I guess it was around the same time as Mountain Dew)

    How about you?
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    i don't really miss this brand much now... but it was called "cherokee" i think... and it was red and tasted sort of like bubblegum.

    vernors was good too--gingerale with a kick. it'd make u sneeze.


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      Long lost brands

      I've never heard of Cherokee, but Vernor's is still extremely stong in Michigan. That's where I get my glass bottles. Here in Minneapolis we can only get it in cans at the local grocery stores.


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        Bubble gum flavored soda

        If you want a soda that will knock your socks off at how much it tastes like bubble gum. Try Inca Kola from Peru.

        Almost like liquid Hubba Bubba bubble gum.

        Glass bottles are pretty hard to find in this brand, (I only have a couple) but most Hispanic markets carry it in cans and 2 liters.


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          Originally posted by popologist View Post
          ... it was called "cherokee" i think...
          Was it Cherikee Red?


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            For missed flavor, it's Fanta Red Cream.

            For missed brand, Original New York Seltzer, & Patio, which I only was able to try the orange, good stuff.
            Life is too short to drink crummy sodas...


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              Grape Nehi
              Yes I know; it's still produced by a few small bottlers.
              I have not had it in ages. One of my first soda pop
              defining A-List drinks,gosh I so miss it.
              Don't worry, be happy. Meher Baba


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                Originally posted by Rob The SURGE Drinker View Post
                Was it Cherikee Red?
                yeah. that looks like it, but... i don't remember it being cherry. it tasted like bubblegum to me... unless i'm getting it mixed up with something else.

                i remember something called cheerwine too... which sort of tasted like cherry coke or dr pepper.


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                  I have two that I miss.
                  First and foremost is Schweppes ginger beer. It was not easy to find back when I used to get it in the early 70s. Now I can’t even find a reference to it anywhere, it’s as if it never existed.

                  The next is yet another ginger beer, not nearly as good but still I liked it.
                  Old Tyme Ginger beer.


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                    Grape Nehi

                    A few bottlers are still bottling Nehi in glass and plastic. More flavors are offered in plastic than in glass, I know in glass you can get grape, strawberry and peach. Plastic wise I've seen it in blue and a few other colors that I didn't know the exact flavors.

                    Cheerwine is still very strong on the east coast, mostly North and South Carolina. I had a bottle the other day, very strong on the cherry and subtle on the cola, whereas the big dogs are more cola than cherry. Reminded me of ordering a cherry cola from the fountain.


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                      Cheerwine is not a cherry cola.

                      Cherikee Red is a bubblegummy soda. you can find it in parts of northern PA and eastern OH.

                      Inca Kola is owned by Coke, but they still use Hispanic distribution companies to get it to stores. However, what I have seen since they bought it out has been produced by Coke bottlers - most recently fridgepacks from Philadelphia Coke (Moorestown NJ, code MT). I also have seen 6 pack cans from CCE-Elmsford NY (KE).

                      I have found Peruvian import glass bottles (with twist-off caps) in hispanic markets.

                      I guess the only soda I really miss would probably be Mello Yello Melon.. well, that and Canada Dry Lemon ginger ale.


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                        I miss Stewart's Creamy Style Draft Cola

                        Give me some cane sugar real Pepsi in a glass bottle... and not Throwback!


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                          You know Fusion, for as many posts as your reply sure don't say much...

                          You state that Cheerwine is not a cherry cola. Yet you leave it at that. Please explain what "you" think it is then, if from what it sounds like, you are the final word in all threads.

                          Anywho, according to Cheerwine's website, they say it's a "cherry soft drink" or "cherry concoction." I drank one yesterday and it tastes like cherry cola. As I stated in my original post more cherry than cola. Of course that is my opinion, and I researched it to find the word cola is not used on their site, but it's still a cola to me. (and to many others..Google it)

                          As far As Inca Kola, you can ask any Peruvian, the only real Inca Kola is made in glass bottles in Peru (Ecuador) from the original bottlers, now owned by Coke, the stuff made by Coca Cola in the US doesn't taste the same. I've been to Peru and tried it there, definately better from the bottlers who started it in the first place. (however, the cost per bottle is outrageous when you figure in flight and hotel)

                          I've brought a few of the Peruvian bottles home with me, great stuff...


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                            What else is there to say? My general rule is to keep it simple. Often a sentence or two will sum up my thoughts on a message.

                            Cheerwine is a cherry soda.

                            I googled Cheerwine.

                            "The taste is mellow and unusual, not at all like cherry cola"

                            "This is not a cola at all."

                            I am hardly the final word at anything, nor do I try to be.


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                              Originally posted by jdavies77 View Post
                              I've never heard of Cherokee, but Vernor's is still extremely stong in Michigan. That's where I get my glass bottles. Here in Minneapolis we can only get it in cans at the local grocery stores.
                              I was just thinking that I miss Vernors in glass when I read your post...Where Do You Find It In Glass??!?!!