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New the board, need some advertising advice-

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  • New the board, need some advertising advice-

    Sup everyone, to start off, I'm glad to have found a Message Board that discusses different types of energy drinks under one site.

    I've already searched for the drink (and now super concentrate syrup) that I sell and I've seen the controversy on this site. I do not want to spread anymore flames. I only want to discuss ways to improve my selling strategy and advice with dealing with potential corporate buyers.

    With that said, I sell (Please don't hurt me ) XS Energy drinks, and now the new super concentrate syrup. I'll follow the board rules by not posting my URL as an advertisement. My email is available for public view. I'll leave it at that.

    Since Red Bull has many bars under it's "exclusivity contract" type deal. I've been marketing the XS as a "Sports Nutrition" or a "Wellness Booster" due to it's B-vitamins, minerals, and no sugar. Anyone else found a clever but legit way around Red Bull's contract with bars and other establishments?

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    I'd trade it all, for a little more....

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    Ok, guess no one either has any ideas or even cares...

    I'd trade it all, for a little more....