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A question about dr pepper

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  • A question about dr pepper

    I have always wondered since dr pepper is owned by different companies how does the formula stay a secret or does dpsu sell it to coke and the other international owners

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    dont know, but dr pepper sucks and pibb xtra owns
    kinda like sierra mist owns sprite & 7up chuck.


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      My theory would be that Dr. Pepper themselves make the product and sell it to their licensees as concentrate, so all they have to do is add some extra ingredients and pff, it's magically Dr. Pepper.

      Or.... They put carbonated water into their containers and then go to sleep, while they're sleeping, the Dr. Pepper fairy appears from the land of DP and adds her special flavoring to all the containers. Now I'm not sure exactly where the flavors come from, but my mind is pretty kinky, so every night I sleep well thinking of that.....


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        I think DPSU (Cadbury Schweppes) is the owner of the formula, and what they do is that they make the Dr. Pepper concentrate to the bottlers around the country and around the world... Coca-Cola and Pepsi have the rights to bottle and distribute Dr. Pepper in America, in some regions like UK or Japan, Dr. Pepper is bottled by Coca-Cola while here in Mexico is bottled by its original owner: Cadbury-Schweppes.

        BTW, yesterday I tried Pibb Xtra for the first time, I had a bottle I brought from my trip to U.S. last new years eve, it tastes really good!


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          Dr Pepper is owned by the Coca-Cola Company in most areas of the world. KO makes its own syrup, packaging, everything. It does not "liscense" the product from C-S, it owns it. In 17 countries, including the USA, C-S owns it and makes its own syrup. Two owners of a brandname and a formula.


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            Sorry Sam, but my second idea was better