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  • Sierra Mist Lemon Squeeze

    Sierra Mist Lemon Squeeze will hit shelves this Saturday in the L.A. area!

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    If it is anything like Canada's new 7-Up Lemon Squeeze, it tastes like the lovechild of 7-Up and Lemonade


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      I saw some POS stuff for this the other day, I look forward to trying it.


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        its been out here for almost a week, i posted a pic in the "what are you drinking" thread.


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          i'll have to check for this too as well although the only new product from Pepsi I have seen lately is the Pepsi Summer Mix.


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            Its very LEMONY (obviously) !


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              Here's a shot of the 24 oz. bottle of Sierra Mist Lemon Squeeze:

              One might question the direction of the packaging, however. The labeling of Lemon Squeeze too closely resembles that of the flagship Sierra Mist, in my opinion. I'm going to guess that this is going to cause some problems in the marketplace.

              When your color scheme already has a lot of yellow and green in it, it's rather hard to emphasize even MORE yellow. Perhaps they should have gone with emphasizing the blue in the color instead. I think that would have helped clearly delineate the packaging over the summer.

              That said, as I mentioned in my review elsewhere, I really liked the taste. Probably more than the flagship itself.

              The ad campaign is interesting, however. It's based around a website,, that provides you with ideas on how to "squeeze more out of summer" by basically getting out of doing work. I noticed the web address on some signage outside a gas station here in Chicago:

              I'm not sure the marketing angle fits the product, we'll see.
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                OMG! It has hit stores here, with cans, 2 liters, and 20oz. I picked up a 20oz yesterday, and I was prepared to be disappointed. I was not, at all.
                This drink is how a lemon lime drink in IMO should taste. There is a nice tangy lemon kick to it. Now, it is not as tangy as I would like to have it, though some say my taste buds are broken. None the less, this product is a winner. Finally, a tangy Lemon drink in the main stream soda isle. YAY Pepsi!


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                  Finally found this today after looking ALL WEEK LONG
                  bought a 12 pack

                  I love it, better than regular mist.