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  • #16
    I love it. Its a cross between Livewire(my usual dew) and Code red.

    I really hope they keep it.


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      No, the national release is August 13th, but its out in alot of palces already, including kentucky.

      So a few days ago i go into another gas stations yet again extremely hopefull to get my hands on it (yes i was going into numerous stations looking for it, co-owner of, so yes, im obsessed) and to my fortune there it is in all its shining glory. There was two racks with it. It grabed it all, i literally loaded my arms with it, even made a friend grab the rest.

      I tasted it and it shocked my tastebuds, immediatly you could taste its sweetness. At first i didnt like it, but every sip i liked it more and more.

      Everybody is saying that its li,ke livewire and code red combined, and i agree, but i have a different way of thinking about it. Definitly Baja Blast mixed with cherry flavor and injected with caffine, PERFECTO.

      I love it already, its really good and i reccomend it to anybody, TAKE THAT VAULT RED BLITZ! lol sorry coke drinkers.

      But i found it again at another and bought some more. (all in 20 Oz bottle form)

      The only thing thta i really dont like about it is that it kills my stomach, but latley it hasnt been as bad, so its just a small negative.

      This is the first energy drink that ACTUALLY gets me energized and hyper, kudos Mountian Dew.

      I remember Clash! I cant wait, that was introduced a while ago i think. When you said its being tested in certain states do you mean it is RIGHT NOW or it will be, and do you know which states?


      Drink Game Fuel!


      • #18
        Yeah, Game fuel does pack a punch. LOL
        I really enjoyed the caffeine buzz. Heck
        for a few moments I felt like I used to feel
        at college,slamming 4 or 5 of cups of coffee
        in order to study for an exam.
        Don't worry, be happy. Meher Baba


        • #19
          My local grocery stores now have Game Fuel fridge packs.
          Even the Mexican Fruit Market had them. I now have two fridge
          packs cooling down. I did not see any 20 oz bottles at the stores I went
          to this morning. Needless to say I'm a happy camper. LOL
          Don't worry, be happy. Meher Baba


          • #20
            I CANT FIND IT!@#%@#$^@LH

            I looked in gas stations from Columbus, GA to Valdosta, GA this weekend, nothing.



            • #21
              I bet by the first of this week your chain grocery stores will have Game Fuel.
              Hang in there.
              Don't worry, be happy. Meher Baba


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                I stopped at a gas station/c-store on my way home, they had Game Fuel fridgemates (cool design, btw), and 20oz, which were 2/$2.


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                  I was able to find Mountain Dew Game Fuel at a nearby Walgreens on Friday here in Chicago...

                  I really, really wanted to like this drink. It's substantially different from Code Red, which I think is the obvious comparison. I actually think the flavor shares a lot in common with LiveWire, if that makes any sense. It's to cherry sodas what LiveWire is to orange... same intended flavor, but not quite.

                  Upon first tasting, it was good, but I personally fell that the aftertaste is what kills this drink in my opinion. It's substantially lacking and suffers from a medicine-y flavor. That was somewhat disappointing to me.

                  It's not a horrible drink, but could have been so much better.

                  For those interested (or completely bored out of their minds ), my full review.


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                    I'm hooked on this stuff. The taste is very sweet and artificial, yet somehow very appealing. It's like Tahitian Treat but with a caffeine bite to offset the sweetness a little. Sometimes I also think it tastes like a cross between LiveWire and Baja Blast. In any case, this is on my A-list for now, though I can see myself getting sick of it.


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                      Game Fuel is available in Vermont! [owned]. Personally I love the flavor. To me it actually tastes like melon but I have a bad cold right now so my taste buds probably arent working to well. More importantly though, than the taste, is that I think it will appeal to the gaming market, which is what Pepsi was aiming for, im sure.


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                        This one kinda tasted like candy or something. And it's good.


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                          yea i agree, the candy taste is pretty strong, but very good.


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                            I really wanted to like this drink, but it just tasted weird to me. Which sucks, because I usually like cherry based sodas. Oh well. Baja Blast remains the only Dew I like.


                            • #29
                              I like Game Fuel, more caffeine for the same price The taste, I am all but completely sure, shares similarities with either AMP or that cherry AMP(overdrive?).


                              • #30
                                I'm quite sure there is an AMP flavor profile involved.. There is a strong flavor connection to the AMP's I've tried.

                                I wouldnt doubt if its a mix of an AMP base and a regular dew base. Possibly they've integrated the orange AMP they were testing into the flavor, who knows.

                                Good stuff though, the description "Cherry Citrus" should have remained off the label, and just make it more of a weird/secret flavor like a dr.pepper.