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    So I was in Big Lots! today, and saw they had 20oz bottles of all sport zero for 50 cents each, I've never had all sport before, so I got 2 (Artic and tangerine) I havent drank them yet.

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    they actually call it "all sport ZERO"? that's not a coke product, is it? hmm. interesting.


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      Yea, its beveraged by "Monarch beverages", so coke may have a case.


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        I want to know how much Pepsi had to pay Monarch brands to take this dog off its hands. AllSport was a dog when pepsi had it and it is a dog now!!!!
        I seriously think Pepsi worked out a deal with Monarch so that the Quaker deal would go through. Sometimes it isn't just as easy to kill a brand due to FTC restrictions. With Gatorade in the Pepsi Network it would essentially create a monopoly between Coke and Pepsi for rehydration/isotonic drinks.
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          Originally posted by PepsiBlue View Post
          Yea, its beveraged by "Monarch beverages", so coke may have a case.
          And what exactly would coke have a case about?? The fact that someone else used the word zero?? If that is the case then Pepsi may have a case against you for your username, Besides coke tried to sue Pepsi decades ago (and lost) for using the name "Pepsi-COLA" because they were "coca-COLA" and I guess no one should have ever been able to use the word cola ever again except for coke. Maybe RC should sue both coke and monarch for using zero since diet rite has had "zero calories" "zero sodium" on their cans and bottles for years.

          Greg I too would like to know how much Pepsi paid monarch to take all sport from them. I am afraid it is something that will never be known except by those that brokered the deal. I cannot believe that monarch would have actually WANTED to buy all sport.
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