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  • Like Cola?

    What is Like Cola. I saw some old metal racks in a stores cooler today. It said Like Cola 99% caffiene free. What exactly was this drink, who sold it, and how long ago did it leave the market.

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    Like Cola was originally a product of 7-UP. It appeared during the "New Coke" mess. The name was a double meaning. You "like" it because it tastes "like" real Coke (which it did).

    Several NASCAR events at Pocono were the Like Cola 500.

    The product didn't make it and 7-UP sold it off, and it has been sold several times since then. I though it was still in production in some small parts of Pennsylvania.


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      No longer in Pa as of early 2003.
      Whatcha gonna do mama now that the roast beef is gone?


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        Like Cola was and still is owned by DPSU or now Anericas Beverages, although not in distribution anywhere at this time. Scranton, PA and Bayamon Puerto Rico were the last places this was available.

        This arrived far before new Coke,1982, and was actually the brainchild of the original 7Up Company when they were owned by Phillip Morris and based in St. Louis. It was introduced during time of the "Never Had It ...Never Will" campaign to play on the no-caffeine attribute. Only 7Up bottlers without a Cola were allowed to sell this and at that time...there were not that many.

        Like Cola was available in red labeled regular and blue labeled diet and always without caffeine.

        The Name LIKE was actually used by the Seven Up Company ealier in the earliest tests for Diet Seven Up.

        PHillip Morris destroyed Seven Up and its been downhill ever since

        Oh how mighty brands can fall ....


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          phillip morris destroyed miller brewing as well. they don't know how to do much but smokes and crackers
          woot woot