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  • Coke Zero

    I hear Coke will be coming out with Coke Zero, sweetened with Sucralose.
    Whatcha gonna do mama now that the roast beef is gone?

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    The questions that I have are:

    - is this a cafiene free product? (I hope not)

    - is this going to be a "premium" priced product, or just mixed in the standard Coke mix?


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      Sprite Zero is bad enough, we dont need no Coke Zero


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        this is the test market name, not sure what name will be chosen yet.

        they will also promote heavily the fact that it's "Splenda" brand sweetner on this product as well when it rolls out because of popular demand for the splenda taste and trademark.


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          They better not pull the "premium pricing" crap this time.


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            Here are pictures of the bottle they used for the test marketing:

            Hmmm...looking at the ingredient list, it appears that it will contain aspartame, judging by the presence of the infamous "PHENYLKETONURICS: CONTAINS PHENYLALANINE" warning. Also, it looks like this will contain caffeine - although the ingredient list is blurry, I looked at it closely and I'm pretty sure that's the last ingredient listed.


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              Hey, you know, could this be a really bigger step in the KO world?

              Coke loves worldwide brandnames. That is why Fanta was resurected in the USA. That is why its so nuts on launching Dasani in Europe.

              Well, Diet Coke cannot be Diet Coke in many markets, because "diet" implies a health claim in some countries, including the UK, and it thus becomes "Coke Light".

              But "Zero" is meaningless. Legal everywhere. Note that on the test package its "Coca-Cola Zero" not "Diet Coke Zero".

              A triple play for KO.

              - A worldwide brandname.
              - Eliminates the word "diet". Everybody else's product is "diet" but our is superior its Coke - Sprite - etc "zero".
              - Zero is copyrighted. Let Pepsi come up with something similar, if they can.


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                I could definetely see Coke applying the "Zero" name to their entire line of diet sodas. Of course, Diet Coke would be kept around with its original name to distinguish it from Coke Zero and to keep the soda's hardcore fans from having an uproar. (This is assuming CZ is a success, of course.)

                Oh and Pepsi already has its "Zero" equivalent - Diet Sierra Mist is now called Sierra Mist Free.

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                  But "Free" is realy nothing new. As it was said before, Caffeine Free Pepsi was called Pepsi Free when it first came out. They're not really breaking new ground in the US, like Coke did with Diet Sprite Zero (which I wouldn't be surprised if it is eventually just called Sprite Zero).

                  Coke is too worried that they will alienate the hardcore drinkers of Diet Coke and CF Diet Coke to mess with their formulas, though the addition of ace-k and/or sucralose would certainly improve the taste some.

                  But "innovating" with a new name like Zero.. well, only time will tell. That is, if it even makes it to market. How many Coke line extensions can there be? Cherry, Vanilla, Caffeine Free, Lime....Zero?


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                    thats the great thing about it, there are NO restrictions, Fanta has like 100 flavors, why can't Coke?


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                      I think they may be taking a C2 approach (which is good). Up the sucralose content, get rid of the sugar.

                      If they were smart they would get rid of their nasty Diet Coke.

                      Companies should start using Erythitol.


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                        Originally posted by ecliptic:
                        If they were smart they would get rid of their nasty Diet Coke.
                        I really don't think that would be smart. I don't care for the stuff, but it does have a loyal following. Maybe it wouldn't cause as much of an uproar as the whole New Coke thing, but overall I don't think it would be good for Coke.

                        However, I do think that after they come out with Coke Zero (or whatever they're going to call it), that they should downgrade Diet Coke - maybe reduce the amount of packaging sizes it is in, and perhaps even replace it with Coke Zero in vending machines. Diet Coke could just be kept around to please the diehards just like Tab and Fresca


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                          Well, only time will tell, it took many years to down grade TaB and to this day it is still dying a slow silent death. Now as far as Fresca that is everywhere in many sizes.


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                            Fresca is only available on a large scale in 12 packs and 2 liters. I remember when I worked in northern NJ in the late 90's, and they had six packs, no 12 packs.. when they eliminated the 6 packs, there was a big uproar... so they brought them back.

                            I guess in some markets they have 20oz and 16.9oz, but not around here.


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                              they have 20oz singles here
                              woot woot